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Reliable offers a variety of services to insurance companies including Personal Property Surveys, Commercial Inspections, Telephone Surveys, Call Center Services and Technology Solutions. Reliable also provides data mining services that allow our clients to perform Return on Investment Analysis of their properties. To find out more about what Reliable can do for you, email us at marketing@reliablereports.com or call us at (800) 460-0723.



From home to auto, Reliable can handle a variety of residential surveys including re-inspections to identify maintenance issues before they become claims. Knowing that 80% of all claims stem specifically from a home's roof, Reliable has developed a roof grading system to precisely identify risks.

  • Exterior Observation & Measurement Reports
  • Replacement Cost Surveys
  • Hazard & Liability Identification
  • Roof Rating & Region Specific Reports
  • High Value Surveys
  • Prior-to-Binding Reports

For Commercial Underwriting, Reliable handles surplus lines brokers and can even tailor commercial inspections to your needs. Reliable identifies and helps remove potential causes of loss by providing the most accurate information.

  • Commercial Underwriting
  • Loss Control
  • Surplus Lines
  • New Business
  • N.F.P.A Guidelines
Reliable's National Call Center provides powerful telephone validation services as a cost-efficient alternative to on-site surveys. Telephone surveys can be done at a fraction of the cost of normal field inspections, and can be used to trigger a field inspection or other underwriting action.

Personal Lines:
  • Auto Class and Usage
  • Residential Replacement Cost
  • Homeowner Survey
  • Verification of Replacement Cost
  • Roof Rating & Region Specific Reports
Commercial Lines:
  • Commercial Fleet
  • Contractor Liability
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Business Owner Package
  • Customer Satisfaction

Reliable offers top of the line technology services, providing best of class solutions required to give our clients a competitive edge. Our Information Technology department is fully staffed to assist our clients any way necessary to fully integrate and support the inspection and reporting services.

  • Data Mining
  • Return on Investment Analysis
  • Access to external sources of data
  • Custom Reporting and full access to all data collected
  • Automated delivery of reports via Email and FTP
  • Variety of data formats including XML, CSV, Delimitted (Tab / Space)
  • Access to orders on the web, including custom filtering for data analysis
  • Other custom solutions, contact Sales for more information